Monday, May 23, 2011

RAPID 2011

The Gentle Cibotium Barometz
We did another round of the SculptCad Rapid Artists project this year thanks to Nancy Hairston, SculptCad and Kevin Ayers. The premise of the SculptCad project is to take fine artists that don't typically work in digital media and have them create work and then have their pieces 3D printed. The artists from our group this year were Shawn Smith, David Van Ness, Peter Rand, Mark Grote, Shane Pennington and Brad Ford Smith. All really great and diverse work from this bunch of super talented artists. Our work then showed with other artists from around the country and their rapid prototyped work,  at the Rapid Show in Minneapolis.
Here is a photo of my piece at the RAPID show in courtesy of Kristen Turner and a link to a blog about the show.  Its 19" x 18" x16" and printed in SomosNext resin. The piece was based on the ancient myth of the "vegetable lamb".  The medieval plant was thought to grow sheep, who upon maturity chewed their way to freedom and the rest of the herd or trapped on the vine, were eaten by wolves.
Don't worry, my lamb was one of the lucky ones.